We want you to have a great time here! These guidelines are in place to help everyone enjoy their stay. Please follow these guidelines:

First and foremost, be respectful to your neighbors.

Campfires are allowed in the campfire ring only. It is located in the center of the property with a nice view of the river. 

Quiet time is 10 pm- 8 am. You may still have  a campfire or sit on your porch or whatever, just do so in a quiet manner.

​There is a dumpster for trash located in the southeast corner.

If you take items to the waterfront, please bring them back with you when you are done. We don't want the waterfront area cluttered with unattended items.

When not in use, please keep your stuff located within a 5' area of your cottage. This will ensure that the rest of the property stays clear and enjoyable for everyone.

Please do not let your pet roam without a leash. Make sure to clean up waste promptly.

Dogs left behind while you are away is a touchy subject.... we don't like the idea of crating a dog, however the reality is that some dogs need to be ( I have one). If you have a dog that is not calm when left behind, you must keep it crated or simply take them with you. If your dog is noisy while you are gone, you will not be able to leave them behind. For the sake of other guests, we can't have dogs barking constantly while you are away. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is not dog-friendly, so you will not be able to take them with you while you visit the park. If you have a dog that does not like to be left alone in a strange place, please consider leaving them with a friend or family member back home. It is no fun for anyone if we have issues with noisy/destructive dogs. 

We have a septic system and it is a good one, however; you may not dispose of anything but toilet paper into the system. It is VERY important that you do not dispose of too much at once. We do not unclog toilets unless there is something wrong with the toilet/septic system. Since our septic system is fairly new, and of considerable size, and our toilets generally work as they should, it may be your responsibility to unclog the toilet (even if that means calling a plumber) We will only be responsible for this if it is the fault of the system. ( I have dealt with one too many tirds.... )

Also, please do not dispose of grease, toxic or hazardous materials down the drains. Overall, just use common sense when it comes to disposing things. 

Hemlock Cottage: 7131

Parking for up to two vehicles is to the right on the graveled area

It is best to either use this link for location, or use Google Maps and search for AuTrain River Cottages. Select directions, this will bring you right to the cottages. The address likely doesn't work in a GPS or Navigation unit, so you have to use one of these two methods.

For those that are still rocking to the "old school cause you're so cool", please follow these directions:

If you are coming from the West and traveling US-2, take US-41 North 18.8 miles to M-67.

  • Take M-67 12 miles to M-94 East, follow M-94 East (right) towards Munising.
  • In approximately 3.5 miles turn left on AuTrain Forest Lake Rd.
  • In 6 miles you will see a big blue sign on the left that says RIVERSIDE CONDOMINIUMS. Turn Left on what appears to be Pioneer Rd. 

If you are coming from the West and traveling M-28/US-41, you will pass through Marquette and will turn left onto M-28 in Harvey where M-28 and U-41 split. 

  • In 26.6 miles you will turn right on AuTrain Forest Lake Rd. 
  • Drive 1.5 miles and you will see a big blue sign on the right that says RIVERSIDE CONDOMINIUMS. Turn right on what appears to be Pioneer Rd. 

If you are traveling from the land of the trolls, you will have to pay a fee to enter and a fee to leave when you cross the Mackinac Bridge. Make your way to M-28 either via M-77 or M-117. Once you have turned West on M-28, be sure to keep your sanity on "The Seney Stretch".

  • Drive through Munising, you will come to a flashing yellow light where you turn left in order to stay on M-28 (there is a Holiday Gas Station here).
  • ​Drive 11.3 miles to AuTrain Forest Lake Rd and turn left. Drive 1.5 miles and you will see a big blue sign on the right that says RIVERSIDE CONDOMINIUMS. Turn right on what appears to be Pioneer Rd. 

Mountain Ash: 7137

Parking for two vehicles is behind the cottage next to the canoe on the graveled area

DA Spruce: 7129

Parking for up to two vehicles is to the right of the cabin next to the trees on the grass area

4 Bedroom Cottage: 7143

Parking for one   vehicle is to the right on the graveled area and one more vehicle in the garage

​Sorry if I seem brash, I don't intend it in any way. During the busy season I have experienced every scenario on a weekly basis and I just want everyone to be on the same page. The locals are very helpful and kind, however they get irritated if you ask them how to find your cottage or to use their phones..... It is not only a reflection of your preparedness, but also mine, so I do everything I can to help you prior to your arrival. I likely will not answer my phone during your arrival day because I will be cleaning/working and reception is spotty to begin with.... So please follow these instructions and/or print them for your arrival using the link above. It is best to text me during your stay, as I don't always answer calls due to the reception/I am busy/or I am ignoring it due to the repeated calls for "do you have any availability tonight?".

  • ​​There is no office, so just arrive and walk in....
  • All Cottages will be open and keys hanging inside.
  • Check in time is 4pm or later and check out is by 11am.  
  • The wifi password for each cottage is located inside near the router.
  • We only have Verizon cell service here, and reception is spotty, so be prepared.
  • To keep the property from becoming overcrowded there is a strict two vehicle per cottage limit. If you have more than 2 vehicles you may park them on the side of the road or at the beach.

Scroll down further for specific cottage information.

Loft Cottage: 7139

Parking for up to two vehicles is to the right on the graveled area

Cedar Cottage: 7123

Parking for up to two vehicles is to the left on the graveled area next to the shed

AuTrain River Cottages

Arrival Information

To help you with your arrival, please print this page.
Please contact by phone or email if you have questions.
906 364 8110

Robins Nest: 7135

Parking for up to two vehicles is directly in front of the porch on the graveled area

To help you find your cottage, it is best to remember which one you reserved and what it looks like. Each cottage has a number and parking is specific to each one.